Common Smart Home Installations

Very Basic

May consist of a wireless smart hub, front door touch deadbolt, Wi-Fi Thermostat w/Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo Dot, Presences Sensor, & Lamp Modules.  Most installs start around $1,750.

Mid-Level Install

In addition to the basic package, it may include flood sensors, Wi-Fi Garage Door openers, Z wave light switches, Wi-Fi cameras, Camera doorbells, and automated blinds.  Most installs start around $2,500.

High-Level Install

Most of these packages include other mentioned devices plus sound & TV integration using only your voice!  Some smart homes packages include whole house energy monitoring as well.  Finally, we can even install your in-wall speakers and if needed, run ethernet & HDMI wires for the complete connected home.  Typical installs start at $6,600.

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About Our Smart Homes



Juniper Property Development, LLC can install an affordable on all existing and new homes.  Yes, it comes standard on homes you purchase from us, however, we offer this as a stand-alone business as well!

Best Affordable Technology

Smart home technology will continue to evolve each year and we will always stay up on the BEST and MOST AFFORDABLE technologies available.  Our installations typically range from $2,000-$4,000 on our own home projects..

Customized Needs

Are you an Apple or an Android lover?  Are you looking to only control certain areas or looking to focus on certain needs?  We will ask you some basic questions and customize EACH install for YOU!


Licensed electricians will do the install for any higher voltage equipment and all low volt and app based programming is handled by another set of installers that know how to make things work seamlessly.  

Our Difference

Everything we offer is based on a wireless technology so NO wires need to be ran.  In addition, we make it affordable for houses of any size and type!

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What are the most common devices that people ask for?

  1. WiFi Doorbells:  See who is at your door...  from anywhere.  A camera and doorbell in one with 2-way talking capabilities.  We use ones that actually have facial recognition so if you don't know them, you will get elevated alerts.
  2. Z Wave Switches:  Control lights with your phone, timers, and link to presence sensors.  No more walking into a dark house.
  3. Smarter Thermostats:  Amazon Alexa built in, remote sensors for comfort & savings.  Cold at 2am?  Summon Siri from your bedside without getting up.
  4. Amazon Alexa & Google Home:  Smart speakers that can respond to nearly any request.  Order Starbucks, Turn on the TV, Get the Weather, Act as a House Intercom, Order regular household items, Make Phone Calls and more...!
  5. Cameras:  Interior and Exterior cameras for surveillance.  
  6. Door Deadbolts:  Touch screen that can be linked to your phone.  Text you a picture of the housecleaner when code ABCD is entered.
  7. Speakers Systems:  Wired or wireless speakers for entertainment that can also be linked to voice controlled smart TV remotes.  "TURN ON ESPN"
  8. Motorized Shades:  Even control existing shades by opening/closing at set times and/or during a "scene" (see below)
  9. Water & Temperature Sensors:  Prevent basement, fridge, or washers from creating a flooding disaster!  Furnace went out on vacation?  A text will notify you.
  10. Garage Door Opener:  Open/Close from your phone.  Left it open by accident?  There's a text for that.

How do these all work together?

It doesn't matter whether the device above uses Zwave, Zigbee, or WiFi because a "smart hub" is the brains of the whole system and the good ones work with them all!  We install the hub and the main app will allow you to control it and do other exciting automations called SETTING SCENES.  Examples:

  • MOVIE TIME:  Lights go down, input on your TV changes to Apple TV, shades lower.
  • GOOD MORNING:  Lights come on, thermostat rates temperature, Alexa tells you the weather and your customized news.
  • GOOD NIGHT:  Everything shuts off, temperature lowers...  and so on.

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